Behind the wheel lessons

Behind The Wheel lessons consist of (3) three lessons, each of which is (2) two hours long. Lessons are available before school, after school, and on weekends during the school year. We operate 7 days a week for your convenience, so if you require specialized appointments please contact us.

Lesson #1

There are 3 seperate lessons, each with their own specific focus area for unique behind the wheel training situations. Some of what you will learn in your lessons are:

Lesson #1 is our “basic” behind the wheel lesson. Basic vehicle operation and control is emphasized including starting, stopping, lane control, and proper following distance, along with good observation techniques. The student driver must demonstrate a knowledge of all vehicle controls and warning lights. In this behind the wheel lesson merge vs. yield, and SMOG are put into real-life practice.


Lesson #2

Lesson #2 is our “freeway and suburb” behind-the-wheel lesson. This lesson is an exciting milestone for most student drivers! It allows them to find out how proficient a driver they really are behind the wheel. The main focus is on oneways and center left turn lanes, and freeway entrance and exit ramps, and proper driving techniques for each.  Once in the suburbs, the student performs multiple left and right turns onto and from one-way streets, in addition to multiple lane changes. In this behind-the-wheel session, crosswalks and pedestrian traffic situations are covered in detail.

Lesson #3

Lesson #3 is our “parking” behind-the-wheel lesson. During this lesson, students become proficient at parallel parking and 90-degree backing-up maneuvers. Students also learn the proper procedures to safely park on hills and parking lot procedures. During these behind-the-wheel lessons, the students receive their White Card, the course completion card! Student drivers will need this card, as the White Card must be presented at the Road Test.


Comprehensive Behind The Wheel Training

This course covers all topics a new driver will need to be a safe and attentive driver. These behind the wheel driving lessons start and stop at your designated pickup or drop-off location you request. We often pickup student drivers from home, school and work and drop them off where designated after the lesson is complete. We are flexible to meet your demands for work, school and life!

“The lesssons are very in-depth and I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and helpful instructor”

Austin, Cannon Falls MN

“I live out in the country and to have Cannon River Driving School pick me up at home and drop me off at home was really convenient for me!”

John , Faribault MN

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